Mayoh Architects | Sustainability



At Mayoh Architects we understand the impact the built environment has on the planet. Thus we feel a responsibility to propose sensible, cost effective and sustainable solutions to clients throughout the design process.

As part of our strategy for sustainable design, we have initiated an Environmental & Healthy Project Checklist which aims to provide the Architect, Client & Consultants with a quick reference document for the extensive scope of actions, technologies, products & processes available to make a building a more energy efficient, ecologically friendly and a healthy space in which to live and work. The implementation of one or many of these initiatives will contribute towards a more sustainable and healthy building beyond statutory compliance.



Typical initiatives to consider include:

  • – Maintenance & Operations Initiatives

    – Low energy

    – Energy efficient HVAC, hydraulic and electrical systems

    – Use of alternative energy sources

  • – Maintenance & Operations Initiatives

    – Building Management Systems

    – Building Performance

    – Occupant Training

  • – Maintenance & Operations Initiatives

    – Passive solar design strategies

    – Cross ventilation

    – External sun shading

  • – Maintenance & Operations Initiatives

    – Localised material selection

    – Coordination of transport to reduce vehicle reliance



    – Maintenance & Operations Initiatives

    – Stormwater harvesting & re-use


  • – selection of materials with low embodied energy

    – use of timber wherever possible

    – Use of recycled materials / materials with recycled content

    – low maintenance materials

  • – Low emissions

    – Reducing CO2 and GHG emissions by reducing conditioning loads by passive design strategies

    – Intelligent MEP system selection can reduce carbon emissions.



Click on the image below for an interactive exploration of some of the sustainability measures we employ.